Nick Cannon's Now Only Famous For Being Mariah Carey's Hubby

Mar 15th, 2010

Before Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon had somewhat of a successful career. Between making movies such as Drumline and Bobby and starring in the MTV hit comedy sketch show Wild N' Out, he was on his way to securing quite a name for himself. Then he married Mariah Carey and ever since is known for holding her umbrella and luggage.

While working out at the Tribeca Health & Fitness on Friday, Nick was approached by a young girl who recognized Nick, but must have not truly remembered him in anything specialL

"You're Nick Cannon, aren't you? I loved you in ..." But the lass drew a blank on anything Mimi's man had appeared in.

Mr. Carey, er, Cannon nervously laughed it off as the embarrassed lady attempted to apologize.

To be honest, even if he wasn't Mariah's man meat, unless you saw that horrible Drumline flick and watched MTV religiously, it might not hit you he is. I'll give him the benefit of the get out from behind Mariah's umbrella!

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