Nick Cannon's Role As Mariah Carey's Assistant

Apr 02nd, 2010

Nick Cannon may look like Mariah Carey's puppy dog, but you can't blame a guy for selling out and coming into millions and millions of dollars. Looks like Nick's friends have been giving him some crap claiming their once best friend looks more like an assistant than a husband.

Nick Cannon’s friends are teasing him because he doesn’t look like the same person since he married Mariah Carey. He used to wear jeans and sneakers, hip hop clothes etc. Now he’s always wearing dark suits, white shirts, and often ties. (Mariah picks out his clothes) His buddies told him “You Look like a BUTLER!” They notice that Nick watches Mariah’s every move for SIGNALS and he jumps to fulfill her need. “He looks like an eager employee who’s grateful to have his job!” His friends want Nick to “man up” but he’s content the way things are.

Hm, something tells me friends who are friends wouldn't just open their mouths like this. And you can't blame a dude for selling out to sell in to an empire of butterflies, unicorns, and Hello Kitty themed vacation homes.

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