Our 2009 MTV VMA Story...

Sep 15th, 2009

Once upon a time, it was a dream of mine to attend to the MTV VMA's. Fortunately, my dream came true on Sunday evening. Yours truly was able to nab two pit tickets and if you thought the VMAs were dramatic on TV, it was even MORE so during commercial breaks.

Aside from Lady Gaga scaring me half to death as I stood front row, the whole Taylor Swift / Kanye West shizz was seriously that serious. An innocent Taylor walked off stage speechless, holding back tears after Kanye somehow benefited off of it? And with all of these apologies today, we kind of have to sit back and wonder if this is just trying to save face. During the commercial break after the whole Taylor thang, Kanye came up to the pit (specifically the left pit I was in) and heckled fans, tried to even fight some of the males, and repeatedly put up the middle finger. Trying to garner some fans, huh?

Truth is: Kanye was boozing it up HARD CORE. He arrived in Radio City Music Hall with a huge liquor bottle in hand, offering his chick Amber Rose a chug and even Joe Jackson. But let's move on...Madonna and Janet Jackson within five minutes of each other. Can I just say...that I died? Not only was I standing a mere ten feet away from her madgesty, but minutes later there's Janet Jackson in my facial making me want to turn lesbian just because it's HELLO, Janet. If you re-watch the VMAs, make sure to look for the girl in Janet's face with a black bow headband on...yes I triggered Gossip Girl for the evening.

As Diddy walked into the Hall, the entire crowd erupted and even more proved that he's basically a living, breathing pimp. I think any girl would drop their panties at a chance of bumping shoulders with this guy. Speaking of dropping panties...as soon as Robert Pattinson hit the stage with jail bait Taylor Lautner, I considered running up stage because gals...he really is that hot (as is my love Chace Crawford.) Kristen Stewart, not so much.

Megan Fox...our love. Can you guess it? She's just as hot, if not hotter in person. Is she dating Adam Brody? Eh, I don't think so...I think it's just a nice convenience since Jennifer's Body is coming out.

Russell Brand. Did he host or was he just there to be thrown on stage whenever necessary? Seriously, as a host we expected a bit more air time for this guy. How random was Katy Perry & Joe Perry? Is it because they share last names? Did anyone else find it creepy that he was trying to cop a feel on Katy? Yeah, she probably did enjoy it.

The Michael Jackson tribute was in even more amazing in person. I can't even explain the stuff I witnessed because it felt like I was in a movie so go Janet for getting this all together.

Jennifer Lopez, sorry did not love that dress. I felt like she could have entered from the ceiling and landed nicely with those puffs on her arm. Come on, J. And also you're Hollywood and all of a sudden you're all Bronx? PLEASE.

Beyonce, while that Taylor Swift thing was probably planned, kudos to you being a lady. I actually hate Beyonce, but bia got up and did her thing...and let me tell you, one of the most flawless looking people there.

Green Day. Yes they actually pulled us all up. The bassist went to the side to get most of us, but unfortunately security shut us down and I didn't get to party with the rest in the middle. I did, however, touch the bassist's hand...now I can die, right? Yeah...

Taylor's subway performance was very cute and fun...she's a great singer live. Amanda Bynes danced in the audience the entire night. Jay-Z brought the house down with Alicia Keys. Unfortunately since Kanye pulled that stint, MTV pulled him and Rihanna from the Jay performance thus giving us the next best thing. Oh if Kanye could have just shut that mouth of his...

Can all of you Twilighters out there agree that you peed your pants while viewing the extended trailer for New Moon?! Yes, all of those screams were real and yes we all went crazy over it. The MJ This Is It also looks pretty bad a$$...so congrats to MTV giving us some two new juicy items.

Guys, I'm shot. I couldn't take any pictures because the crew (which did not give us water for five hours...yes I was parched) were so strict on cameras. If my overly tired mind starts to patch some more info out...I'll be sure to add. ENJOY!

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