Panties For Pauly D

Oct 02nd, 2010

And this is why the guys from Jersey Shore more than likely have diseases. It's not because they get a lot of play, it's because multiple girls throw their underwear at them. You get a nice little herp and it's thrown perfectly into the eye, Houston, we have a problem. Anywho, Pauly Delvecchio (better known as "Pauly D") made the ladies go wild.

When “Jersey Shore” star Pauly D arrived Friday night at the grand opening of LIT nightclub, 4448 E. New York St., a pair of black lace undies was one of the first things to greet him. As he stood in an elevated VIP section, accompanied only by two beefy guards, the underwear was tossed from a throng of shrieking, camera phone-wielding women crushing each other below.

A crowd of 400 people, according to LIT promoter Brandon Smith, drank and danced on the club’s opening night. Some had paid $440 for a table for eight and a bottle of Belvedere, which was delivered with a sparkler blazing from the top. Others had paid $100 to get an autograph from Pauly D and have their picture taken with him.

$100 to take a picture with solid grease, spray tan, and gel. Lovin' the society we live in!

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