Patrick Swayze: Forever Dirty Dancing In Our Hearts

Sep 15th, 2009

What a year. There’s obviously something in Hollywood’s water because the gazillionth celebrity of the year has passed. Patrick Swayze died today after battling cancer for the past 15 months. This is where we’d probably insert some sarcastic/vaguely inappropriate comment, but you can’t talk smack about the Swayz. Every girl wanted that Johnny to their Baby, and because of that we can forgive him for craptastic movies like Road House and Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

The man will be immortalized forever for rocking the tight black shirt and skinny jeans, hair slicked back with gallons of grease. And the sway of his hips was hypnotic. Don’t lie to yourselves. Dirty Dancing still makes you swoon.

Here’s to you Swayze. We’ll never put you or Baby in a corner.

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