Pauly D the Newest Member of Celebrity 'Hit' Club

Feb 18th, 2010

Pauly D, the greasy goomba with mad DJ skills, is apparently moving on up from Jersey Shore to the big time in Beantown. Just like with all other reality stars, Pauly seems determined to use the raunchy and revealing reality series "Jersey Shore" to launch his own career as a world famous DJ.

MTV is already on the hunt for a new location to film season two of the widely acclaimed—and often heavy joke fodder—series featuring primarily young Italian-Americans with tanned complexions and a flair for all things L-O-U-D loud.

Pauly D is one of the more outrageous characters on the show, and despite his new career move, he still plans to participate in season two. Starting in May, Pauly is heading up to Boston to take over the DJ duties at the new nightclub Royale—formerly Roxy—and will be the new face of the club's "guido" image.

A Rhode Island native, Pauly will be right at home in Royale, and this gig allows him to DJ beside the likes of David Guetta and Paul Oakenfield, and not to mention it gives Pauly a chance to write his own ticket on talent and not become obsolete due to an eventually dwindling celebrity star.

Boston is an incredibly popular area as far as nightlife is concerned. With the Red Sox, multiple colleges and enough Irish and Italian blood running through the streets to cast a lifetime’s worth of Scorsese films, Royale management definitely feels Pauly can bring in a packed house.

Even still, you have to wonder why anyone would give up on the Jersey Shore to spend summer in Boston. With the various casinos and other entertainment options of Atlantic City, not to mention the beautiful beaches that Boston can only dream about, the job would certainly have to be career-making to lure a faithful visitor away.

Oh, well. Pauly can always hit up online casinos for his gambling fix. And who knows; he might just end up being the world's greatest DJ. But it is far more likely Mr. D ends up doing 5 to 10 for stealing a cigarette truck. Ayy, fuggedaboutit.

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