Pete Wentz Goes Spit Happy on Photographer

Jun 08th, 2009

Pete Wentz may be a tiny little man, but his mouth's got bigger issues. Sources reveal exclusively to that when a photographer took a pic of Pete and wife-turned-terrible-actress, Ashlee Simpson at his 30th birthday party in Las Vegas over the weekend...Petey boy lost his cool and sent a nice little loogey on over to the photog.

"Inside the club some photgrapher took a photo of Pete and Ashlee and I guess they didn't ask, so Pete flipped out and went after the guy. His publicist and Ashlee held him back, but he spit on the photographer." (source)

And to think we only thought it took a munchkin to hold him back, not even a publicist or a Simpson could do it. And the photographer would be a dumb dumb not to press charges. Gosh, first Pete's NYC bar shuts down due to serving alcohol to underage kids and now this. The life and times of a Fall Out Boy. Who knew they were so rebellious?

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