Phelps Tosses Back a Beer Before Car Accident

Aug 17th, 2009

You get in one little drunk driving accident 5 years ago, and they never let it go.

Last Thursday, swimmer Michael Phelps hit a Honda Accord with his Escalade. Despite the fact that the other driver, Amanda E. Virkus, was at fault in the incident for running a red light, it’s supposed to be big news that Phelps threw back a beer over an hour before the accident.

Isn’t it common knowledge that the average person metabolizes about one beer per hour? And wouldn’t a big, muscley guy like Phelps maybe even have a higher metabolism?

Phelps was not suspected of being under the influence and no sobriety test was issued.

"No alcohol was involved. No drugs," a police source said. "It was just a car accident." (source)

However, in the spirit of not letting a celebrity off that easy, the Olympic gold medallist was issued a citation for driving with an invalid license. After failing to pay a fine for not producing proof of insurance at an earlier time, Phelps’ license was revoked and he will now have to appear in court. Big whoop. At least he wasn't smoking pot again.

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