Pitt Rocks Gray Hairs On the Red Carpet, Still Blazing Hot

Aug 20th, 2009

After taking a long, hard look at these photos of Brad Pitt at the premiere of Inglorious Basterds, we’ve come to a few conclusions we’d like to share.

One: Nothing known to man can make the father of 857 look bad. Nada. Zip. For crying out loud, the man’s rocking white chin hairs and is still so spectacularly hot we’re peeling off clothing as we speak.

Two: Angie is a lucky lady… Not that she’s necessarily had the worst lot in life with those bodacious lips and her stream of success with Transfor—err, sorry. That would be her mini-me.

(This one didn’t come from the photos, but bear with us)
Three: Pitt has a man crush on Tarantino and it’s not mutual. During a recent MTV interview, Brad showered Quentin with praise and the director wasn’t having it:

Tarantino: OK, let's throw out the mutual admiration society and be more down to earth, alright? (source)

Buuuuurn. Yeah, yeah, we know it was in jest, but there’s a little truth behind every joke.

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