Reggie Bush Cheated On Kim Kardashian With Video Ho

Feb 22nd, 2010

Looks like Reggie Bush was playing the field even after football hours last year. Not to mention his lady lova Kim Kardashian even knew about her man straying with video vixen ho Carmen Ortega who now decided to share her story and a video of her touring Reggie's house.

Hell hath no fury like Kim Kardashian scorned. Video vixen Carmen Ortega is accusing KK of quickly squashing the affair she had with Kim's man, Reggie Bush. "Reggie and I had a brief, short-lived relationship almost one year ago. During that time, we both were in serious relationships with other people, but we had an 'understanding,' " the stunner explains. "Unfortunately, things hit the fan when [Kim] found out. She immediately ran to the Internet to throw me under the bus." (source)

And with that and after viewing the video below, you can definitely say Reggie has a type. Big a$$es, stupidity, and those who feed off of 15 minutes.

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