Robert Pattinson Attacked In NYC...By Tweens and Moms Alike

Jun 18th, 2009

It breaks our hearts to know that not one babe came out to attack Robert Pattinson. Sure, he's got chicks all over him, but they're not the ones we'd expect--ehh, we take that back we've been to a Hot Topic within the past year and we've seen the bads. We figured since Lindsay Lohan was in the Hamptons this weekend that she'd somehow make her way over to grab a pic with him, you know being the publicity whore that she is. But we were wrong.

So apparently this Edward Cullen guy is the next Beatles because he almost got trampled down while on his way to film in NYC yesterday. Probably in the worst place ever, Robert left his trailer to walk around NYU campus--aka a central spot for tweens and gals alike. Even the gays, Rob.

Some of the girls wouldn't stop manhandling him, hoping that maybe an ounce of his sperm would somehow sink into them creating their own Twilight baby. Others jumped on him and wouldn't let go hoping that mystical, magical hair would work wonders.

The city of New York should probably just shut down at this point. Next thing you know they're going to have to worry about tweenies in the sewer rather than rats. Trust us, Tweenlighties scare away the rats especially with a Pattinson on top.

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