Robert Pattinson Steps Away From 'Twilight' and Says Hello to Manhattan

Jun 06th, 2009

Kristen Stewart maybe safe from the Twilight obsessed tweens now that Lost hottie Emilie de Ravin will be the newest gal cozying up to heartthrob Robert Pattinson. Who said vampires live forever?

And if you live in New York be on the look out for the handsome devil as he starts production on a new movie, Remember Me later this month. AKA if you live in Manhattan, lock your doors and shut your windows to avoid tweelight fandom reigning supreme through your apartment.

Slotted to star alongside the hunky vampire actor are Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper, and Lost's Emilie de Ravin.

The movie will follow Pattison playing a young man whose family is torn apart by his brother's suicide and left him sleepwalking through life. He then meets DeRavin who plays a young woman who seizes life to its fullest, after watching her mother get killed before her eyes. Brosnan and Cooper will play the fathers of Pattinson and Cooper respectfully. (source)

As long as they have this kid flashing his abs again and dropping that killer smile, this movie pretty much has winning power. No one said you had to be a good actor to sell a movie...i.e. Twilight.

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e-zee on 06/07/2009 @ 19:40

At least Emilie de Ravin has it won in the hottie department over Stewart--was she stoned at the MTV awards?

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