Sean Penn Gets Tough And Attacks A Photog

Oct 09th, 2009

If you thought Spicoli Sean Penn was a bad a$$ on the big screen, turns out he's the same when the camera's not rolling. Seems like Mr. Penn got ahead of himself and attacked a paparazzi--punched the guy even. Lawsuit? We're smelling...yes.

According to E!:

Flynet Pictures is claiming that the two-time Oscar winner "attacked" one of its shooters. Penn, the agency alleges, "emerged from his truck and walked over 50 feet towards the photog and kicked and punched him without provocation. Penn also berated the photog with obscenities and shouted that he would 'put you in a box' to the photog before going back to his house."

The photog "suffered multiple cuts and bruises from the attack, has filed a police report and is considering pressing charges for battery. (source)

Ah what divorce and getting old can do to a guy. Guess he wanted to prove he's still got it. Sean Penn putting a guy in a box is probably the funniest image we've thought about this entire week. Thanks for making our week, Sean!

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