Sean Penn Gettin' Jiggy with Natalia Portman

May 12th, 2009

What started as a brief, intimate moment of love, has turned into an intense relationship for both Sean Penn and his new lover, Natalie Portman. Penn filed for divorce days after locking lips with Hollywood's sultry star and things have been going well. Natalie stimulates Penn in ways he never imagined. I bet she shaves her head for him...

Weeks after Star broke the news that Sean Penn was seen making out with Natalie Portman, the Oscar winner filed for separation from his wife Robin Wright Penn. Now as we report in our May 18 issue Star has learned that Sean, 48, and Natalie, 27, are still seeing each other!

"She stimulates him in ways no other person has, mentally or professionally," says a source. "There's a lot more there with Natalie than any of the other girls Sean's been with."

It was Sean's indiscretion with Natalie that encouraged Robin, 43, to stop turning a blind eye to his philandering. "She was furious he was messing around with such a young star," says an insider. (source)

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