Shia LaBeouf Loves Megan Fox, This Could Get Awkward!

Mar 13th, 2009

Things could get sticky between Transformers stars Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox, especially if LaBeouf thinks with his penis instead of his brain. The actor mentioned he's had a thing for Fox since day one of filming. His pet name for Megan Fox is Foxy, clever. Also, Fox was noted saying, "Shia is the best kisser ever. Really, it's true!" during their first on-screen kiss scenes. So, depending on how heated this gets, tempers might fly, people will probably get hurt, and Brian Austin Green might have to pull a Chris Brown, depending on what happens. He should definitely be keeping his Fox on a shorter leash, well, after they get back from couples counseling.

Shia LaBeouf has long had a crush on his Transformers co-star Megan Fox - and he waited patiently while she dated Brian Austin Green.

Now he's making his move, an insider told The Enquirer.

"Shia's had a thing for Megan since day one of the first Transformers film. He's absolutely crazy about her," said the insider.

The two actors, both 22, who wrapped up filming the sequel to their box-office smash, have never hidden their fondness for one another.

Shia's pet name for Megan has been "Foxy" since they first met.

And Megan gushed about their red-hot on-screen love scenes two years ago, exclaiming: "Shia is the best kisser ever. Really, it's true!" (source)

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Jean on 03/16/2009 @ 23:09

Considering her ex-boyfriends, Shia would be a step up.

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