Shocking News Of The Day: Kelsey Grammer's Preggers Girlfriend Is A Gold Digger

Aug 20th, 2010

We so didn't see this one coming, right? Now we understand why Kelsey Grammer's girlfriend of five minutes was so quick to get knocked up. She wants the money! Or so claims an ex-coworker of the mommy to be.

According to a Virgin Atlantic Airlines staff member who knows Grammer's galpal and Virgin Atlantic flight attendant Kayte Walsh, she "made it her mission to land Kelsey. She is totally smitten with him, but she also loves the idea of being with a famous man. Kayte also told other flight attendants she would do anything -- even get pregnant" to land Grammer.

Something tell us this gal pal would have done the same exact thing. Virgin Atlantic tsk tsk making your employees resort to stringing alongside old TV rich pepaws!

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