Shut Up! Nobody Wants Your Baby Pictures?

Dec 12th, 2008

The next time a celebrity couples gives their newborn child a stupid name, I am going to go on a baby-punching rampage. The Simpson-Wentz duo tried shopping photos of their baby, Bronx Mowgli, around to every celebrity magazine in town. Too bad Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz don't have enough street cred or popularity to unload their own Paparazzi photos. Fail!

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are trying to drum up some cash by selling photos of their baby, Bronx Mowgli - but so far, no takers. A celebrity weekly insider told Page Six, "Pete and Ashlee have approached every single celebrity magazine with offers to sell their first photos, but nobody wants them. Covers of them tend not to sell well." A rep for Simpson denied it. (source)

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mud on 12/13/2008 @ 03:39

does this wentz dork dress himself? That is the dummest outfit since the 80's ended.

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