Simon Cowell & Victoria Beckham Be Hatin' On One Another

Jan 19th, 2010

As much as I used to be a huge fan of American Idol, I pretty much tuned off last week when the ninth season premiered and Victoria Beckham's bones were hanging out on the table. The only Spice Girl who never sang and just walk around is judging a singing competition? Get real. And it seems as though Simon Cowell's on my side as well.

As seemed evident from the ''American Idol'' season debut Tuesday night -- taped in Boston last summer -- various exchanges between 'Posh Spice'' and Cowell were pretty sharp.

"Idol" sources say that was not an act. "The two of them really did not connect at all," a show staffer said Wednesday.

During Beckham's turns as a guest judge in Boston and Denver, Cowell reportedly became less and less impressed with the entertainer's music sensibilities. "He thought her taste was totally in the toilet," said another source close to the action.

For that reason, when a rumor floated online earlier this week -- reportedly from Beckham's own camp -- that she was a candidate for an "X Factor" judging slot, Cowell quickly issued a statement shooting that down. The edgy Brit made it very clear he had not made an offer to Beckham and "had no intention to do so." (source)

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