Spencer Pratt Bites His Tongue, Unable To Speak---The World Rejoices

Mar 05th, 2010

If only this would teach him a lesson and refrain him from opening up his mouth at all times. That would make my life all the merrier. Kudos to Spencer Pratt's dog for semi having something to do with this. The mutt Spencer thought it was a really great idea to play tug of war with his dog.

According to reports, Spencer Pratt was "playing a game of tug-of-war with his little dog" when Spencer bit his own tongue. Something which seemed impossible for him to do the past two years. Zing?

Sources say Spencer put the toy rope in his mouth when suddenly the rope slipped at the same time he bit down causing him to pierce a hole through his tongue. Pratt says it is "a sign from God that he needs to continue to keep his mouth shut in 2010."

Yeah keep your mouth shut and your chick away from the plastic surgeon. I love this dog!

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