Spencer Pratt May Have Set Up His Sister's DUI

Oct 27th, 2009

Nothin' says family like the Pratt family. Who wouldn't want to have Spencer Pratt as their brother? He's annoying, obnoxious, grows oddly flesh colored beards, and is married to the world's dumbest breathing creature, Heidi Montag. Who seriously would not want to be related to that? How about his real sister, Stephanie Pratt, who is claiming her bro set up her DUI.

According to Janet Charlton, Stephanie believes her bro set up her DUI last week to get some drama going on for The Hills.

Stephanie Pratt is seething in silence because she thinks her DUI arrest was a set-up masterminded by her brother Spencer Pratt and “The Hills” MTV producers. Here’s why: Ratings on the show have been dropping and producers and Spencer have been conspiring to create drama and get publicity for the stars. Sunday night they were filming for the show at Empire while Holly celebrated her birthday. The camera lingered on Stephanie drinking and they encouraged her to drink more. When it came time to leave, Stephanie hesitated because she IS careful about driving even if she drinks only a little, but Spencer and the producers assured her she was fine. A cop car was conveniently parked right out front and nabbed her before she drove 20 feet. She was only a fraction over the legal alcohol level. Stephanie spent a miserable night in jail. She believes that her “hitting rock bottom” with her drinking is just a plot created for benefit of the show. She’s privately FURIOUS but doesn’t know what to do. (source)

Why is she even complaining? Doesn't she know making a sex tape, flashing her vagina, and driving drunk is the safest way to stardom?

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