Surprise! Surprise! Michael Lohan Is A Deadbeat Dad

Dec 03rd, 2009

Father of the century is making us love him even more! Not only do we love it when Michael Lohan's fame whore attention seeking ways sabotages his daughters and family's life, but we just love every story having to do with why he sucks as a dad.

So can you believe it that Michal Lohan has become even more of a sh!tty father? Believe it!

As if Michael Lohan could descend any lower on the crappy father scale, TMZ found out he's over $15,000 behind in child support. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Michael has racked up $15,100 in unpaid child support to Dina for their three minor children: Aliana, Michael Jr. and Dakota Lohan.

Now how about this horrible scenario: If Michael profited off those audio tapes he released of Lindsay's lowest moments, he could actually pay off his child support with money he made from exploiting one of his children. (source)

You'd think his diarrhea for a mouth would somehow get him some cash...too bad he's probably blowing it on blow or his evening escapades with Jon Gosselin at their nearest Ed Hardy shop.

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