Tameka Foster Refutes Usher's Claims That They Had Been Separated For A Year Prior to Divorce

Jul 06th, 2009

Dayyyyum. Looks like Usher's going to have a nice, messy divorce to look forward to. After claiming that he and wife, Tameka Foster, had been separated almost a year before divorcing, she's going on the record claiming that it's far from the truth. In fact, she claims the two had been intimate less than a week before he ended the marriage. We got some Waiting to Exhale crap about to happen!

Tameka Raymond disputes Usher's claims the couple have been separated since July 2008. Raymond says in court documents filed Monday in Fulton County Superior Court that she "had every reason to believe her marriage was intact" and that two were "intimately together as husband and wife as recently as June 6." (source)

Nothin' like a woman scorned! The once happy couple have two sons together. Tameka, get out there and get that money you deserve. Or you could just give it to us...the latter works best.

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