The Bruno Movie Looks Hilarious, Promo Pictures Are Hysterical

Apr 24th, 2009

Jagshemash! You may know Sacha Baron Cohen from his critically acclaimed role in Borat. You may recognize him from Talladega Nights opposite racecar driver, Ricky Bobby. If you're not a bandwagon fan, you may even remember Cohen from his hit HBO show, Da Ali G Show. Regardless where you've seen his face, there is one thing you need to know, The Bruno Movie is coming soon to a theater near you. We can't wait to see all his silly, gay antics unfold and break box office numbers. High five!

Thank you to our friends over at TrailerAddict for providing the exclusive Bruno movie trailer below...

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Strega on 04/25/2009 @ 01:33

This guy is a putts...haven't seen one of his movies and for the remainder of my life would not watch one of his movies. He has that look that tells me he'd be looking at my package...

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