The Situation has a Situation!

Mar 23rd, 2012

The Situation has a Situation!

Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino seems to have found him in a bit of a sitch after his admitting last week that he is battling a severe substance abuse problem, wow nobody saw that coming… NOT!

Anyways it’s rumoured that MTV are thinking about giving him the flick from his hit reality show, Jersey Shore so on the off chance that the rumour mill has for once churned out something somewhat close to the truth I’m going to pay tribute to the marvel that is the situation with 5 of his top knotch air-headed, booze addled, egotistic quotes:

1) “Ronnie’s at the club, hooking up with Grenades… that is a bigger-ugly-chick & also Landmines... which a thin-ugly-chick ... is and um, lovin’ life.”

2) “If you want to look somewhat like The Situation, which is gonna be pretty hard, you need to get that protein in your diet.”

3) “I'm hooking up with my girl, Pauly's hooking up with his girl & ahh, we're gonna have sex, so, ya know, that's the situation.”

4) “I was thinkin’ heavy fire and I didn’t wear my bulletproof vest and I just don’t know if I’m gonna make it.”

5) “There is definitely a numbers game when it comes to girls. Let's just say, ya know, ten girls have slipped you their number within that particular week. There is a possibility that, like, five or six may not answer. Somebody may pick up but they're busy, but probably on three or four they're probably coming over and I'm going to have to make a decision on which group of girls I want to come over for me and my boy Pauly.”

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