Tiger Woods To Make First Public Appearance With Press Conference

Feb 18th, 2010

Let the countdown begin. For the first time since November, Tiger Woods has scheduled a press conference to the world tomorrow, Friday the 19th @ 11 AM eastern. Set your TiVo's ladies and gents---no one wants to miss this train wreck of an explanation.

But what's the one condition Tiger will appear live on TV? The media is NOT allowed to ask any questions. Glorified PSA, Tiger? No questions? What the hell is the point of this aside from wasting everyone's time---don't worry, we'll still watch.

Word on the street is that Elin Nordegren will not stand by her man tomorrow and if that's true, we give you a thumbs up Elin. Nothing ever good came from a scorned woman standing behind her betraying husband (see ex-Governor of New Jersey, Jim McGreevey on this one.)

In a real news conference, the media can ask questions. In this one, none are allowed. A real news conference is open to all accredited media. In this one, only hand-selected members of the press get to watch as Woods reads a prepared statement into the one camera permitted in the room.

You don't signal to the public that you want to make amends and then construct an environment in which you're never challenged about what exactly you're making amends for. I believe I'm speaking for mothers everywhere when I say this: If you're going to do something halfway, why even bother to do it all? (source)

What do you think about Tiger's public conference? Personally I find it pathetic. Tiger sure must have one big head on his shoulders to explain himself to the world when really this has only affected his wife and family. Get over yourself and put your d!ck in a box and keep it there.

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