Tobey Maguire Throws On The Spidey Costume For Kids, Yes It's Weird

Jan 15th, 2010

So how does Tobey Maguire keep that Spidey in him in shape? He gets creepy around his children's parties. These are the times where Tobey decides to dig into his closet and throw on the Spiderman costume to keep "in shape"---or so the Maguire claims.

"Spider-Man" star Tobey Maguire regularly slips into his superhero outfit away from the cameras to entertain young fans at children's parties.

The actor keeps one of the web-slinging action hero's costumes hanging in his wardrobe and reveals he has a tendency to don the one-piece bodysuit to surprise kids with a few Spider-Man stunts to keep himself in shape.

He says, "There's a lot of time between the movies where I have to stay in shape and as strange as it may sound, I actually go to kids' parties (to entertain) and try to stay in shape that way." (source)

Does Willem Dafoe stop by for an introduction? Does James Franco come over and create animal balloons in character?

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