Tobey Maguires Wife Wears The Pants

Jan 27th, 2010

He may be the one bringing in the most amount of dough, but when it comes to Tobey Maguire's wife, Jennifer Mayer, she'll set a curfew and he better abide by it, too. Word on the street is that the once Spidey is permitted two nights a week to go out and to be home in bed by 4 a.m.

So take note Leonardo DiCaprio. If you ever want to see your pal, call up wifey, make arrangements, and put in for a day in advance. Be sure to also have your evening planned out in writing so this mo knows where her 34-year-old grown dude is at all times. Nothing says paranoia much like this.

You shouldn't have to tell your husband to be home by 4 a.m., he should just do it. But I guess what guy wants to go home when your best friend is Leonardo and you probably have every blonde bimbo in the club at your beck and call. Time to get him a leash!

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