Tony Romo Parties All Night, Jessica Simpson Who?

Jul 17th, 2009

What do you do when you break-up with a long-time girlfriend? You go out and party like you're single, duh! Well, to Tony Romo you do. Life&Style caught the Cowboys QB partying it up only after a few days from dumping distraught Jessica Simpson. And who better to party with then the ex of your ex's sister? Confused? Cue in Ryan Cabrera.

Tony seemed to be enjoying his single status as he hung out with his boys at LA’s Key Club on Monday night. Witnesses commented that he looked "like he hadn't a care in the world", while he and his new buddy Ryan "checked out all the hot chicks dancing onstage.”

He even shared a little diddy with the crowd when he was dragged on stage by the band and Ryan. A source adds, "As soon as Tony stood up and showed his face they tossed him the mic. He got into it and sang a few bars of a Guns 'N Roses song. It was awesome!" (source)

Eeek. Partying at the place you and your ex used to regularly attend on Monday nights. Yikes. Poor old Jessica was then caught at home digging into her third installment of Pizza Hut pie. That or a case of buffalo wings that she mistook for real buffalo. Yes, Jessica, it is chicken. Oh, the peak of her career. Booze or make the call.

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