True Blood and Twilight Stars Team Up!

Aug 25th, 2009

This is FANGtastic! True Blood’s sexy seducer, Stephen Moyer, and titillating Twilight alum, Cam Gigandet, are joining forces on the silver screen in, you guessed it: A movie dealing with Vampires! However, teenyboppers beware: “Priest” will not feature any traces of chaste, teenage heartthrobs “sparkling” in the sunlight in this gritty adaption of the immensely popular manga series.

According to, this sure to be blockbuster, which was published in English through TokyoPop,

“focuses on Ivan Isaacs, an enigmatic warrior priest that hunts down vampires, ghouls and other assorted creatures.” (source)

The first looks of the film, which will also star Paul Bettany, and a bevy of other hot young Hollywood stars, is sure to convince fang-bangers everywhere that a bottle of Tru-Blood will not satisfy these Vamps!

Priest” isn’t slated to be released for another year, but it’s already creating a buzz! I’m sure our vamp-obsessed culture will be sinking their teeth into this one!

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Oherrick87 on 08/25/2009 @ 19:56

Loved the article- juicy and gossipy! I would love to hear more stories from this author!!

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