'Twilight' Star Ashley Greene Reveals That Fourth Movie 'Breaking Dawn' Will Film Right After Third

Jul 08th, 2009

And the Twilight tweendom has just basically peed their pants. Oh happppy daaaay. Hottie Ashley Greene has just revealed that the fourth and final film Breaking Dawn of the Twilight saga will begin filming right after Eclipse.

"We're going to start right after Eclipse," she says.

Yay! Someone wised up!

There was concern that though the second and third film were slated to film back-to-back, ensuring to market on the ravenous success of the franchise as well as keep the "ageless" Vampires looking as such, no plans had been made for the fourth and most extravagant novel. But now we can all breathe a little easier! (source)

We're pretty sure if they have Robert Pattinson shirtless at any point in any of these films that the movie will make ten times the amount as the first. We're actually praying that the next three films make the first look like the joke it is.

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