Vince Neil's So Loaded, He Bought A Jet For His Pets

Oct 21st, 2010

Who knew Vince Neil was so loaded? The rock star has just purchased a jet strictly for transferring his pets...I'm lucky if I can buy a seat in coach on Jet Blue. Such is the life for an aging rock star. Somehow the money still keeps a rollin' in.

Motley Crue star Vince Neil spares no expense when it comes to his pet dogs - the rocker purchased a private jet just to transport the pampered pooches.

In an interview with QMI Agency, he says, "Just because of them I had to buy a jet. I bought an airplane for the dogs because I have a home in San Francisco and Las Vegas and my (estranged) wife won't put them on the crate so I bought a jet to get my dogs back and forth. I would have to charter planes for the dogs all the time and it was getting so expensive that I realized it was cheaper to buy a plane than to keep chartering it."

This makes me feel so great about life.

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