Warning: Nick Hogan on the Road Again

Feb 06th, 2009

Nick Hogan is finally allowed back on the road after a horrible accident back in 2007 that left his friend John Graziano with serious brain damage. The provision of the court is to allow Nick behind the wheel for business-related excursions only. So a big warning to all Central Florida drivers, pedestrians, friends of Nick Hogan and all living things - pave the way at once!

If you live in central Florida, watch out for a speeding yellow Supra -- Nick Hogan has just been allowed back behind the wheel.

Nick was just granted a driving permit for business-related excursions -- meaning he can only drive from home to work and back again ... no exceptions.

Last May, a judge ordered Hogan's license to be revoked for three years because of his 2007 crash that left his buddy, John Graziano, with serious brain damage. (source)

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