What Happens When You Google A Stripper: The Downfall of Duhamel.

Nov 09th, 2009

If you Google the name Nicole Forrester, the d-list Atlanta stripper isn't the only image to pop up. Sucks even more to be Josh Duhamel.

The Transformers star is still adamantly denying rumors of the affair, which is probably to be expected. People who are cheating on their wives generally keep it in the closet...except Forrester has taken her trashy bedroom tales to radio waves AND even passed a lie detector (apparently).

On an ATL morning radio show, Forrester and her lawyer Romin Alavi claim that Duhamel requested lotsss of lovin'. The pair frequently exchanged body fluids at The St. Regis Hotel in ATL and even went as far to watch porn together. Classy.

The Tattletales Stripper went on to tell cringing listeners even more details:

Forrester further claims that Fergie's name popped up once. She said: "After he told me his real name, I asked, ‘Are you Fergie’s husband?’ And he was like, ‘You know what you know.' (source)

If it turns out Duhamel is lying about this entire "business transaction", he should probably start packing his bags and relocating. Preferably somewhere cold and isolated. Antarctica, perhaps?

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