Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith Have No Problem Firing If You're Not A Scientologist

Aug 10th, 2009

Scientology: you are as cool as Margaret Thatcher naked on a cold night. But to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, if you're not a scientologist nor on the path of becoming one, then don't bother working for them.

The couple has fired Jacqueline Olivier, the head of their controversial, Scientology-leaning private school: The New Village Leadership Academy. Jada decided the curriculum was a little too wacky for her taste. Really?

An insider told RadarOnline:

"Jada phoned Jaqueline and told her that they had 'decided to go in another direction' with the school. As head of the campus her position was becoming untenable as she did not agree with Study Tech and felt uncomfortable with it.” Olivier “thrashed-out” a severance package with the couple and “it’s understood that she signed a confidentiality agreement with regard to her time at the school.”

The school head and the superstar couple were said to have clashed about the school's mysterious Study Tech curriculum which was devised by Scientologist founder Ron L. Hubbard.

"They have appointed somebody else who is more 'in-line' with their thinking as to how the school should be run," the source added. (source)

What the Fresh Prince and his she-hulk lady want, they get.

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