Woe Is Ryan Phillippe

Apr 27th, 2011

Poor Ryan Phillippe. He has Hollywood's hottest women throwing themselves at him, he makes damn good bank, but yet he just wants out of acting because he just can't handle it anymore. Ry, just FYI, we don't really care for you because of what you did to our gal Reese, but that's a different story.

"It's so hard to go out in LA. I'm going to move," he told us at La Bottega the other night. "I'm going to spend a third of my year in New York." He said brokers have been showing him places in SoHo and, "I think I'm going to end my acting career. I'm so introverted. I'm ready to be behind the scenes. I'm 36, but I've been doing this for 20 years."

He said he is also tired of being tabloid fodder, probably because of his eventful love life. "I'm a good guy," he pleaded to us at the Cinema Society after-party for his film. "I'm not that guy you read about."

K Ry. Prove us wrong.

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