You Can Win $10K From Bruce Willis If You Work For Him

Mar 31st, 2010

Any company that works with Bruce Willis on the set of films should expect a high volume of resumes over the course of the next week. Bruce likes to give away $10K to a lucky crew member on his "Dollar Day Fridays." Everyone gets a free numbered ticket and if the number that's pulled is matched, that person gets quite a nice present.

Good to hear bighearted Bruce Willis still keeps up a tradition he started when he first got big! His "Dollar Day Fridays" are staged every week on the set of his new movie "Red," with Bruce -- who's raking in $10 million dollars for the flick -- tossing $10,000 dollars into a pot that just one lucky crew member will win. Everyone gets a free numbered ticket, and on Fridays, Bruce draws the lucky number and hands 10 grand to a hyperventilating winner. One restriction: Winners can only win once. (National Enquirer print - April 5)

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