Zac Efron Models His Career Choices After Advice From Leonardo DiCaprio

Nov 30th, 2010

Zac Efron has it all. Talented, hot, rich--but when it comes to choosing his roles, Zac follows advice from Leonardo DiCaprio. According to sources, Zac has made some tough decisions based on conversations he's had with Leo. Zac was once up for the role of Superman, but Leo suggested him to pass.

Zac feels he’s very much following in the footsteps of Leo and respects his opinion. He didn’t turn Superman down because of him but Leo was unsure whether it would be the best move for him. It’s a massive franchise. Zac is now chasing more dramatic roles in independent movies.

Zac and Leo became friends after they had seats next to each other at a basketball game and Leo invited Zac over to hang out the next day.

What we would have done to have been a fly on that wall!

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