Golden Globes hot frocks!

Jan 16th, 2014

The Golden Globes always attract a great deal of attention - partly due to their prediction of Academy Award successors but also due to the fashion hits and misses.

This year was no exception - with some fabulous fashion and big winners. Some of the big names who walked away with trophies were Cate Blanchett, Leonardo DiCaprio, Matthew MCConaughey, Jennifer Lawrence and Jared Leto (to name a few) with '12 Years a Slave' gaining top flick honours.

The Art Of Elysium Gala Brings Out Hollywood's Hotties

Jan 18th, 2011

Amy Smart @ Love N' Dancing Premiere

May 11th, 2009

While the movie looks very reminiscent of Hiroshima, these photos of Amy Smart @ the Love N' Dancing premiere are nothing short of explosive. Either her dress is putting us into a hypnotic trance or we're just really big...

Olivia Wilde, Emily Deschanel, Amy Smart, and Heather Graham, Prop 2 Event

Oct 01st, 2008

Olivia Wilde, Emily Deschanel, Amy Smart, and Heather Graham all show their support for YES! on Prop #2 by attending a special event. Vote YES on Prop #2 to protect animals from unacceptable abuse...

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