Demi Moore

Feb 03rd, 2012

Demi Moore huffing nitrous oxide?

February 03rd, 2012 by helga Tags: Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore

Ex ToyBoy Kucher Not Quite Heartbroken

Jan 13th, 2012

Ashton Kucher appears to have jumped right back in the saddle after his break-up with Demi Moore late last year. In fact he and Lea Michele don't appear to have a care in the world, or eyes for anyone other than each other.

Ashton Kutcher's Sexcapades

Oct 04th, 2011

We're just going to let the text do all the work because that's how pretty awesome this story is...

Is Bruce Willis Pissed At Demi Moore For How She's Raising Their Children?

May 12th, 2011

According to In Touch he certainly is! A source tells the magazine that Demi Moore abandons her daughters Rumer, Scout and Talullah "to live the jet-setting life" with Ashton Kutcher. Basically the magazine says that causes the girls to be "left along to fend for themselves"...

Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher's Love Going Strong On Vacation

Jan 03rd, 2011

Ashton Kutcher may have banged out other broads, but his relationship with Demi Moore sure didn't suffer. In fact, the two were spotted vacationing aboard their billionaire friend Roman Abramovich's yacht off of St. Barts during New Years. Must be nice...

Natalie Portman Is Knocked Up And Engaged

Dec 28th, 2010

She has a hit movie on her hands now she's pregnant...and engaged. Shot gun wedding? Perhaps! Miss Natalie Portman's reps announced that she and boyfriend/choreographer Benjamin Millepied are expecting their first child and are engaged to be married...