Brooke Mueller-Prison Time?

Feb 24th, 2012

After her December 2nd arrest in aspen Charlie Sheen’s ex, Brooke Mueller could be facing jail time.

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Paris Hilton Is Happy With Her Boyfriend Cy Waits

Jun 13th, 2011

Because we really care. Oh well, deal with it. Paris Hilton's new reality show The World According to Paris premiered last week and obviously she's doing press for it. In a new interview, the heiress revealed the current state of her relationship with boytoy Cy Waits...

Charlie Sheen Loses Custody Case, Deal Stays The Same

Apr 20th, 2011

It's gotta suck when your parents are Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen. You're literally left to raise yourself. This is the life story of their twin boys, Bob and Max. After Brooke was caught purchasing crack in California, Charlie decided to try and get his kids back...

Food For Thought: Why Didn't Nicole Richie Invite Paris Hilton To Her Wedding?

Dec 16th, 2010

Nicole Richie got hitched to Joel Madden over the weekend and although celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Gwen Stefani, and Ashlee Simpson showed their faces, there was one obvious person missing: Paris Hilton. Sure, these two were much closer back in the day, but many found it odd that the heiress wasn't there to celebrate the special day. Here's why...

Brooke Mueller Parties With Paris Hilton And Ends Up In Rehab...Again

Dec 07th, 2010

Paris Hilton is bad for your health and Brooke Mueller had to learn that the hard way. The two have struck up an odd friendship over the past couple of months and for Paris's new reality show, Brooke went out and partied with her the night before Thanksgiving. Well, Thanksgiving morning Brooke was spotted leaving the Farmer's Daughter Hotel in LA and heading straight for rehab...

Charlie Sheen Gets Special Treatment At Rehab To Finish Filming

Mar 15th, 2010

Now I can't sit here and call myself a rehab expert, but last time I knew you weren't allowed to 'leave' a few hours a day to do your thing and return at night. But for Charlie Sheen, he'll be able to finish filming the rest of the Two and a Half Men season during the day and return to rehab at night...

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