Celebs rock Coachella

Apr 14th, 2013

Coachella has once again descended in the desert near Palm Springs and brought with it a swag of celebrities.

Jessica Simpson Doesn't Want The World To Know How She Is In Bed, Talks Weight To Oprah

Mar 03rd, 2010

A hop, skip, and a jump later---Jessica Simpson wasted no time opening up live on Oprah regarding the whole John Mayer mess and those ridiculous mom jeans that spanned a whole weight controversy. She doesn't want the whole world to know how she is in bed, but will discuss it on Oprah with millions of viewers. Hmmm...

Football Star Larry Johnson Was Fired Cuz' He Can't Keep His Hands To Himself

Nov 10th, 2009

The Chiefs' hottest commodity was fired today. Apparently, he has a couple domestic violence disputes hanging over his head, and it didn't help his situation that he also received backlash for his gay slurs...

Jessica Simpson Large & In Charge While Yelling 'The National Anthem'

Jul 07th, 2009

Jessica Simpson do us all a favor, get back to your Daisy Dukes era, stop singing, and shut the h up. While no one committed suicide upon hearing her horrible rendition of The National Anthem at some golf event last week, we're pretty sure our ears are ruined...

Jessica Simpson Hungry for Attention, Chili

Jan 26th, 2009

Jessica Simpson ushered in the 24th Annual Chili Cookoff in Pembroke Pines this week and holy shit did she look huge. Simpson, dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans which look to have been manufactured in 1972 and a tight black tank top, obviously three sizes too small...

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