Rihanna's Got A Bump On Her Head, Chris Brown Round 2?

Nov 20th, 2009

Did Chris Brown and Rihanna meet up for a duel the other night? I don't know, but home girl's got quite a bump on her head. What do you guys think? A slip and slide or a Chris Brown / Rihanna reunion? YIKES...

Chris Brown Gets Heckled In NYC

Nov 17th, 2009

Looks like a chick in Manhattan tried to ruin Chris Brown's day last week. While the apparently 'reformed' woman beater was attending an event in NYC, a random woman decided to defend Miss Rihanna...

Football Star Larry Johnson Was Fired Cuz' He Can't Keep His Hands To Himself

Nov 10th, 2009

The Chiefs' hottest commodity was fired today. Apparently, he has a couple domestic violence disputes hanging over his head, and it didn't help his situation that he also received backlash for his gay slurs...

"I was bleeding, I was swollen." Rihanna Goes Public

Nov 06th, 2009

We were best friends," she confessed. "We fell in love with each other. To fall in love with your best friend, it can be scary. We just fell very fast...the more dangerous it became...almost an obsession (source)


Rihanna to Break Her Silence, Chris Brown Fems Up for Sympathy Vote

Nov 03rd, 2009

Rihanna will speak out to Diane Sawyer about her ass-whooping from world’s most hated woman beater, Chris Brown. Like any normal person, one thought probably came to mind: “What!? Bahbwa Waltuhs didn’t get the interview!?”

Chris Brown In Trouble With Wrigley's, Guess It's Not 'Forever'!

Oct 09th, 2009

Don't rub Wrigley's the wrong way! That's just what Chris Brown did when he decided to b*tch slap Rihanna around town last February. Shortly after the incident, the gum company decided to drop Chris and his Forever song from their ADs. Now they are suing mad...