George Clooney Sells His Italian Paparazzi Infested Villa

Mar 02nd, 2010

Poor George Clooney the millionaire. Looks like the star can't take all of the paparazzi outside of his $8 million Italian Villa. And who's looking to buy from him? Mr. David Beckham and fam. At least David won't have to worry about buying food since Victoria Beckham can barely swallow a pea...

Cindy Crawford & Hubby Shack Up With George Clooney And Girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis In Los Cabos

Dec 02nd, 2009

Hi, party of hot? That's basically what it was at George Clooney's Los Cabos home over the weekend. Not only is the guy screwing Elisabetta Canalis (please see photos), but he's good friends with former super model, Cindy Crawford. Sure, she's married, but he still gets to look...

Meet George Clooney's New HOT Piece: Elisabetta Canalis

Jul 31st, 2009

We have to say that boy did George Clooney pick a good one as his new girlfriend. That Sarah Larson chick had gold digger written all over her...and frankly we're not keen on cocktail waitresses. We are, however, keen on hot MTV Italy TRL hosts like Elisabetta Canalis...

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