Miranda Kerr in THAT after party dress...

Jan 18th, 2014

The pictures of fancy frocks on the Golden Globes red carpet for 2014 are endless - luxurious fabrics, gorgeous colours and beautiful designs lit up the evening. But it was a fairly plain black number at the InStyle after party that got tongues wagging (when attention could be drawn away from the dress in mention). The fact that the rather racy frock was covering the enviable body of Mirand Kerr of course helped matters...

January 18th, 2014 by EmilyM Tags: Miranda Kerr

New dress code for the Grammy's

Feb 08th, 2013

The producers of the Grammy Awards have sent out refreshed guidelines for this years nominees and attendees for while they consider their ensembles for the evening.

Elizabeth Hurley Learns About Men Through 9-Year-Old Son

Apr 26th, 2011

Ah, so now all I have to do is get knocked up, have a son, wait nine years for him to grow up and I'll learn all about men. Well, that's what Elizabeth Hurley has learned. She needs all the advice she can get considering the crazy relationships she's been in...

Elizabeth Hurley Cheated On Her Husband

Dec 14th, 2010

Ah and we thought Hugh Grant was such a doucher for the crap he put Elizabeth Hurley through. Well, looks like she's just as bad. Elizabeth has put out a statement regarding har marriage and it's basically over. BUT she's already in love with another guy...a guy she was allegedly seeing while married to Arun...

Elizabeth Hurley's Still Got It

Dec 03rd, 2010

These pictures of Elizabeth Hurley speak for themselves. We bet Hugh Grant's kicking his own arse right about now. We sure would be...

Elizabeth Hurley's Cleavage Of The Week

Oct 06th, 2010

Can any of you out there believe Elizabeth Hurley is in her mid-40s? Neither can we. But home girl is total babe status and it's pretty gratifying to know you've got the best rack in Hollywood at the age of 45. She puts chicks in their 20s to shame...

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