Eva Longoria's Reality Show

Jan 18th, 2011

Ugh because we REALLY need more Eva Longoria in our lives. Sources close to the star claim the desperate housewife has just become a little more desperate by telling them that A&E network is set to greenlight a show based on her neverending dramatic life. Again, ugh...

Eva Longoria's Restaurant Is Bankrupt

Jan 12th, 2011

Forget the divorce, Eva Longoria. You've got some more trouble on your hands. The bosses of Eva's Las Vegas restaurant and nightclub have filed for bankruptcy after getting into a debt of almost $5.7 million....

Tony Parker Jealous Over Eva Longoria's Relationship With Mario Lopez

Dec 16th, 2010

And here I thought every guy believed Mario Lopez to be a secret gay. Well, his close relationship with Eva Longoria may have been part of the reason she and Tony Parker called it quits. According to sources, the basketball star was said to be very jealous over Eva's friendship with the former AC Slater...

Tony Parker's Lawyer Quits

Dec 09th, 2010

Not only did Tony Parker's soon-to-be ex-wife, Eva Longoria, quit his arse, but now his divorce lawyer has. Reason? Hia lawyer represents the husband of the woman Parker allegedly "sexted" with. How ironic is that. Looks like the lawyer much preferred that dude...

John Mayer Wants To Tap Eva Longoria

Dec 03rd, 2010

Leave it to John Mayer to come in, bang a sista out, and save the day. Well, that's what he has in his mind anyway when it comes to Eva Longoria. Not even off the market for a month, the singing bad boy already has his sights on getting chummy with the Desperate Housewives star, but she ain't having it...

Eva Longoria Removing Tony Parker Tattoos

Nov 26th, 2010

Eva Longoria is sure desperate to remove any trace of Tony Parker in her life. Unfortunately, she was a dumb a$$ "in love" when she decided to tattoo her soon-to-be ex husband's basketball number on the back of her neck and the date of her wedding on her right wrist. Fortunately, she's rich enough to get that garbage removed...

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