Mario Lopez Knows All Via Eva Longoria When It Comes To Tony Parker's Infidelities

Nov 18th, 2010

Mario Lopez knew being besties with Eva Longoria would pay off one day for his gig over at Extra and he certainly didn't waste any time blabbing about how sad and distraught Eva is over Tony giving his dingaling to his former teammate's soon to be ex wife...

Eva Longoria & Tony Parker Are Divorcing

Nov 18th, 2010

Note to self, if it doesn't work out with an average Joe who can't refrain himself from cheating, it's certainly not going to work with a professional basketball player or anyone in Hollywood for that matter. Yesterday we told you about Eva Longoria and Tony Parker possibly divorcing and now we know for sure that Eva is going through with it...

Did Tony Parker File For Divorce From Eva Longoria?

Nov 17th, 2010

Has another Hollywood couple entered into splitsville? Rumors have been circulating that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are set to divorce, but there's something a little sketchy going on. According to Eva's reps, there is no divorce, BUT there are papers that state otherwise. So has Tony gone on and surprised his wifey?...

How The H Does Tyra Banks Make $30 Million A Year?!

Oct 15th, 2009

Yes, this makes us sick, too. If we knew all we had to do was once be hot, gradually become annoying, make a show about anorexic aspiring models, and shout and yell on a ridiculous talk show, then we so would have went that path. It worked for Tyra Banks who now pulls in $30 Million a year!!!...

Eva Longoria Shakes Up Spain

Jun 19th, 2009

Eva Longoria pranced around Spain like it was no big deal last week. She and her b*tch in crime, hair stylist Ken Paves, were spotted shopping and enjoying the sun in Spain. Not to mention the photographers went butt happy on the actress...

Eva Longoria Fools X-Ray Vision Camera, Sorta

Feb 06th, 2009

Eva Longoria walked into an onslaught of Paparazzi after a delicious mean at Beso restaurant the other night. Armed with X-ray vision cameras, the Paparazzi tried to steal a glimpse underneath Longoria's impenetrable top...

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