Adam Lambert Defines the Term 'Div-O'

Jun 06th, 2009

We gotta div-O alert ladies and gents! And it's not Kanye West surprisingly. It's our own American Idol runner-up, Adam Lambert. Seems like the guyliner may have went to the brain with many sources claiming that Lambert has been rude to everyone from fans to his lighting folks...

Rihanna's 'Paranoid' In New Kanye West Video

Jun 04th, 2009

Is this a slap in the face to Chris Brown? Although not featured in the song, Rihanna sure is featured in Kanye West's new video Paranoid. We'd be paranoid, too, if we had as much paparazzi on our behinds like she does...

50 Cent Disses Kanye West, Yet Proves He Isn't Gay

Feb 11th, 2009

50 Cent ranted and pseudo-attacked rapper, Kanye West, on some MTV program earlier this week. Fifty commented on Kanye's mullet and called him a possible tri-sexual. We're not even sure what that means! Moments after his tirade, 50 Cent backed up Kanye West in a peculiar way by mentioning his friend knows the girl West is in cahoots with...

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Kanye West Arrested for Paparazzi Altercation in England

Nov 14th, 2008

Kanye West was arrested for pushing a paparazzi this week in Gateshead, England. The paparazzi received a slight cut to his upper nose...

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