Something For The Ladies: Kellan Lutz

May 09th, 2011

To break things up with our female Hollywood hotties, here's Kellan Lutz for all of you ladies out there who like dudes who look like this. AnnaLynne McCord must see something in this guy to keep coming back for more...

Are AnnaLynne McCord And Kellan Lutz Back On?

Apr 26th, 2011

In a relationship we couldn't care about, we know some of you Twi-hards out there are obsessed with anyone in the movie...especially when it comes to their love lives. Last year, AnnaLynne McCord and longtime boyfriend Kellan Lutz said their goodbyes. But just last week the two were spotted in Canada together and just this weekend, she threw a bachelorette party for Kellan's brother's fiancee...

Kellan Lutz Could Beat Me Up

Feb 24th, 2011

Err, umm, we guess you look good Kellan Lutz? We'd definitely pass up making fun of your chesticles...we'd have to resort to making fun of you behind your back for the sheer fear of you punching us out with just your pinky. You...are...huge...

AnnaLynne McCord & Kellan Lutz Split!

Nov 01st, 2010

Another couple bites the dust. AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz are officially donezo. Although the two first started dating almost two years ago, they've been on-again/off-again for just as long. But now AnnaLynne's been spotted with a new dude and the two have been partying separately...

Bikini Clad AnnaLynne McCord With Boyfriend Kellan Lutz

Jul 26th, 2010

Just a look inside how the rich, semi-famous, good looking youth of Hollywood spend their days. 90210's AnnaLynne McCord and Twilight's Kellan Lutz finally decided to come out as a couple. Shocker...

Lindsay Lohan Low On Cash, Skips Out On Bill

Nov 17th, 2009

It just wouldn't be a complete day without a Lindsay Lohan story. What's it this time? Something we've heard time and time again---Lohan's running low on the funds. Why did home girl leave in tears before paying her bills in Hollywood last night? We doubt it's because she doesn't have the money, more like she's worried she won't have enough to support her coke fund...

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