Hollywood Halloween 13

Oct 30th, 2013

Our starlets are never ones to shy away from an opportunity to steal the limelight and what better way than to gear up in a great Halloween costume.

Here are some of the goodies so far for this year including Paris Hilton dressed as Miley Cyrus (you know you've perhaps got to pull your head in when Paris is having a laugh at you - surely?), Ryan Seacrest as the Phantom (pretty lame actually) and my personal favorite Elisabetta Culanis as Wonder Woman, complete with clenched fist ready to free herself from the paps...

The good, the bad and the MET

May 09th, 2013

We couldn't let this week go past without mentioning the MET Gala - the riskier of the red carpets, encouraging fashion's brightest stars to outdo each other with risky getups.

Hunger Games praise!

Mar 26th, 2012

Twitter has but one name on its lips today!

Kelly Osbourne's Getting Rid Of Her Tattoo's

Oct 11th, 2010

Kelly Osbourne hasn't finished her entire make-over yet. Sure she's lost an incredible amount of weight, spiced up her wardrobe, and now wears attractive make-up, but she still has those tattoo's that cover many parts of her bod. So what's a girl to do? When you're loaded, it's easy. Get 'em removed!...

Kelly Osbourne Is...Hot?

Sep 07th, 2010

It's strange. Never did we ever think we'd mutter hot and Kelly Osbourne in the same sentence, but here we are. Doing the unthinkable. Kelly performed at the PCD lounge in Las Vegas, which means wearing skanky clothes and let's just say...Kelly's looking smokin'. Congrats on the weight loss girl!...

Kelly Osbourne to Pose for 'Playboy'?

Sep 30th, 2009

Okay, so yes Kelly Osbourne has shed weight and is looking great on Dancing with the Stars. But Playboy? Really? We could think of a more suitable magazine for Kelly to associate with...something preferably that keeps her clothes on...

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