Mickey Rourke Apologizes For Trashing His Co-Star Megan Fox

Apr 19th, 2011

Fact: Mickey Rourke and Megan Fox made a garbage movie together. Fact: Mickey talked crap about that and Megan. Fact: Mickey has just apologized for saying these outlandish (but very true) things. Oh, and these photos of Meggers are recent and I'd like it very much so if she would allow me to make her a seven course meal asap...

Megan Fox In A Bikini & How Mickey Rourke Is Part Of Her Body

Jun 22nd, 2010

Yes, we know Megan Fox is the kind of girl who would slap around her sex partner, but getting a tattoo in honor of Mickey Rourke is just slightly insane. The Fox told MTV News that she "sort of" got a tattoo on her ribs in honor of him. We're just happy that ink pen didn't crack through those ribs. Home girl needs like 30 burgers and fast...

Mickey Rourke Definitely Wants To Screw Megan Fox, Deems Her "Most Talented Actress" He's Worked With

Mar 01st, 2010

A few things come to mind when we hear the name Megan Fox: hot, sexy, and slutty. A few that don't?: good actress, talented, and intelligent. But don't tell that to her co-star Mickey Rourke who was so taken by Megan's performance in their upcoming flick that he dubbed her the "most talented actress" he's ever worked with. And that when she cries in a scene, he gets very "emotional"...

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Mickey Rourke Somehow Coaxes Model Girlfriend Into Marrying Him

Dec 14th, 2009

I'm going out on a limb here, but the only reason I think this Elena Kuletskaya model girl only accepted Mickey Rourke's lame proposal is because Russian home girl probably only knows how to say "Yah, yah." Who would put themselves into such a mess?...

Happy Halloween! Jobless Sophie Monk Is A Sexy Lady Bug

Oct 30th, 2009

Pretty much every guy's fantasy. Sophie Monk comes along in a tight, short lady bug costume. Sure, the lady bug doesn't sound so sexy, but when Monk wears it, she wears it well. We have to give it up for a girl who somehow manages to set herself on every blog and in the news when she's basically famous for nothing...

Mickey Rourke's Purple Leather Skin Scares the Bejesus Out Of Us

Aug 25th, 2009

Note to self: this is not what I want to look like in 15 years. It's safe to say that Mickey Rourke's purple leather clad bod has made us a little sick after lunch today. Yes, the mug is scary, but this whole scenario gives us a little fright...

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